Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Graduate Assistantship (GA) Application Form

Deadline for Submission: Third Wednesday of each semester

To be filled by FAS Master students

MA and MS student are eligible for GA if they satisfy the conditions below:

Rule #1 MA and MS students need to maintain an average of 80% or above
Rule #2 MA/MS course work
  • TD students will still receive automatic 25% discount
  • MS students will receive up to 50 % work-base GA
  • Students joining the MA program in:

Academic Year


2021-2022 (and before)

still receive 50% Automatic GA


will receive 25% Automatic GA + up to 25 % work-base GA

2023-2024 (and after)

will receive up to 50 % work-base GA

Rule #3    MA/MS Thesis work



Eligibility for GA

First time

6 credits

Up to 50% either automatic or by work

2nd, 3rd, 4rth time


No fees, No GA

Fifth time

3 credits

Up to 50% either automatic or by work

6 th time onwards


No more GA allowed

Based on the above, students may apply to GA as follows:

Name of student :

ID number :

Phone number :

Major (FAS- Master Program) :

General Average (optional):

Number of semesters in MA/MS program :

Apply for (IN COMPLIANCE with Rules #1, #2 and #3 ABOVE):

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