Joseph Assaad

Professor and Department Chair
Faculty of Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Joseph Assaad graduated as Civil Engineer from the Lebanese University in 1999, he then continued his Masters’ in Toulouse University (France) and obtained his Ph.D from Sherbrooke University (Canada), where he graduated with a  high distinction in 2004. 

Upon his return to Lebanon, Dr. Assaad was appointed as R&D Manager in a leading enterprise that manufactures and commercializes a variety of construction materials and ready-to-use products for the building and cement industries. Concurrently, he was teaching in local universities on a part-time basis, which allowed him to widen his research activities and develop strong networks of collaboration and exchange of know-how with academics and professors. 

His research interests significantly expanded over time, to include a wide variety of topics related to Civil Engineering, such as modern cement clinkers, alkali-activated geopolymers, composite materials, applicability of soil mechanic principles to fresh concrete, bond to steel reinforcement, corrosion, microstructure, durability, 3D printing, recycling of aggregates and other waste materials, seismic behavior of non-structural elements, and sustainability in construction. 

In 2018, Dr. Assaad joined, the University of Balamand on a full-time basis. In 2019, he was appointed as Chairperson of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. 

In the course of his career, Dr. Assaad served on numerous standardizing committees for Libnor Institution (LSI), organized many training conferences for the concrete industry, and secured series of research grants from different organizations such as National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS), Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements (LIRA), Lebanese University, and others. He established numerous agreements and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with local and international Universities to exchange graduate students and conduct joint research activities.  

Dr. Assaad, as an active and keen researcher, has published more than 90 technical papers in renowned journals such as ACI, ASCE, CBM, etc. His current h-index is 26 (according to Scopus) with more than 2700 citations, placing him among the top Civil Engineering researchers in Lebanon. In 2020, Dr Assaad was named one of the top 2% of researchers worldwide according to a Stanford Study. Dr Assaad completed two books in 2009 and 2017 about the thixotropic properties and applicability of geotechnical principles to cementitious materials. 

Dr. Assaad believes that peer-reviewing and editorial memberships are among the pillars for academic work, allowing researchers to establish themselves as well-known experts in their fields and gaining large platforms to introduce ideas and remain updated with current research trends. With this in mind, he actively participates as Editorial Board Member and peer-reviewer to prestigious journals such as ACI, ASCE, CCR, CBM, etc. specialized in Materials and Structures. Dr. Assaad has over 300 verified reviews listed on his profile https://publons.com, which allowed him to receive multiple “Top Peer Reviewer” and “Outstanding Reviewer” awards in Civil Engineering for years 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. 

Dr. Assaad received numerous local and international distinctions and awards. In 2014, he received the “Research Excellence Award”  from CNRS-Lebanon in recognition of his distinguished scientific research related to the reduction of CO2 emissions during cement production. This made him among the very few non-academic researchers (at the time) to receive such an award from CNRS-Lebanon. Two years later, he was honored with the prestigious Research Excellence Award organized jointly by the “Société de la Légion d’Honneur Franco-Libanais” and “Institut Français au Liban” for his outstanding contribution to research and exposure of Lebanese scientists to the international community. 

On the industrial level, Dr. Joseph Assaad areas of expertise include concrete admixtures, grinding aids and strength enhancers for clinkers, masonry mortars, tile adhesives, curing and sealing compounds, epoxy resins and adhesives, polymers of different synthesis, injection grouts, architectural paints and putties, repair and waterproofing products, protective coatings, and miscellaneous other specialty building materials. 

Dr. Assaad played an instrumental role in the Lebanese construction market to introduce polymeric composite cementitious materials meeting stringent environmental constraints and physico-chemical requirements, while ensuring compliance to relevant ISO, EN, and ASTM international standards. On the academic level, Dr. Assaad research interests expanded over the years to span a variety of disciplines in Civil Engineering related to Materials, Structures, Geotechnical, Environmental, and Seismic. 

Topics of interest include modern cement clinkers, alkali-activated geopolymers, rheology and formwork pressure, specialty concrete (such as underwater, self-consolidating, lightweight, high-strength, ultra-high performance, polymer-modified, etc.), shear strength and mechanics of fresh concrete, bond to steel reinforcement, microstructure, durability, 3D printing, seismic behavior of non-structural elements, and use of recycled materials (such as aggregates, plastics, used engine oils, polymers, ceramics, paints, etc.) in concrete production.

  1. CIVE 201: Statics 
  2. CIVE 202: Mechanics of Materials 
  3. CIVE 204: Construction Materials and Methods 
  4. CIVE 205: Structures I 
  5. CIVE 307: Shallow Foundation Analysis and Design 
  6. CIVE 209: Reinforced Concrete I 
  7. CIVE 304: Reinforced Concrete II 
  8. CIVE 324: Structural Steel Design 
  9. CIVE 405: Prestressed Concrete 
  10. CIVE 451: Concrete Durability 
  11. CIVE 454: Concrete Testing and Repair

1. “Engineers and Professors Award” Municipality of Sherbrooke, Canada, 2002 
2. “The Quebec and Eastern Ontario Chapter of the American Concrete Institute”, 2004 
3. “Top Young Researcher in Concrete Technology” 2009, ACI Materials Committee 
4. “Outstanding Reviewer – 2012”, Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, ASCE 
5. “Research Excellence Award” 2014, National Council for Scientific Research, Lebanon 
6. Publons Award: “Top Reviewer for Materials Science – 2015” 
7. Publons Award: “Sentinels of Science: Engineering – 2016” 
8. “Research Excellence Award” 2016, “Société de la Légion d’Honneur Franco-Libanais” and “Institut Français au Liban” 
9. Publons Award: “Top Peer Reviewer in Engineering – 2017” 
10. Publons Award: “Top Peer Reviewer in Engineering – 2018” 
11. “Outstanding Reviewer – 2018”, Construction and Building Materials, Elsevier 
12. “Outstanding Reviewer – 2018”, Heliyon, Elsevier 
13. Publons Award: “Top Peer Reviewer in Engineering – 2019”
14. Ranked among top 2% of researchers in the World - 2020 Study by Stanford University 
15. Ranked among top 2% of researchers in the World - 2021 Study by Stanford University