Please read the following instructions before you complete the application:
I. Reservations: Reservations are made on a “first come first serve” basis. Choice of room is based on availability. Preference is given to undergraduate students coming from outside Lebanon and then to undergraduate students coming from remote regions in Lebanon. Upon submission and approval of the application, a 150,000 LBP deposit fee (non-refundable if room reservation is cancelled) should be paid in cash at the Office of the Comptroller or by virtue of a certified check/cashier check to the order of the University of Balamand (do not send cash money by mail).

II. Buildings & Services: There is a capacity of a total 187 beds available; 132 for women and 55 for men. They all include laundry facilities, kitchens, refrigerators, TV and internet room, study room, air conditioning and heating.

III. Eligibility: Students must be registered during the semester in which they want to enroll (a minimum of twelve credits is required for the fall and spring semesters, and 6 credit hours for the summer semester).

IV. University Housing Agreement: By completing and signing the Dormitory Application for Room Reservation, students have immediately agreed with the following items:

1. Registration for dormitories is made per semester. Students should confirm their registration for each semester by filling a dormitory application before the beginning of each semester.
2. Payments: The housing fee and rates for each term should be paid as directed by the Office of the Comptroller. Rates may be subjected to annual changes. Residence fees are strictly not refundable.
3. Assignment of Rooms: Rooms are to be occupied only by the person(s) properly assigned to them. Room changes are only permitted during the first week of each semester upon agreement with the Resident Director. Residents may be requested to move at any time for valid reasons such as consolidation, disciplinary action, maintenance, etc. The University reserves the right to enter student rooms for emergency and administrative necessity.
4. Room keys are delivered to students after payment of the housing fee and completing a Key & Room Registration Record form. Keys should be returned to the Resident Director at the end of each semester. Failure to return keys will result in a) charges to the student account for replacement of the key and b) removing personal belongings at the student’s cost.
5. Damage Charges: Students will be required to pay for any loss or damage to equipment and furniture. Students residing in the same floor will be held responsible and charged accordingly when the loss or damage cannot be attributed to a particular individual.
6. Liability: The University is not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings.
7. Visitors are allowed within designated areas and hours. No visitors are allowed inside the rooms.
8. Upon reasonable notice and for good cause, the University of Balamand reserves the right to terminate this Agreement. Should this agreement be terminated, the student will be required to vacate the dormitories and full termination charges will be assessed.

V. Policies and Regulations: Resident students should strictly abide by these polices and regulations.

1. Cars: Resident students with cars should complete a car registration form available at the Office of Student Affairs. Entrance of cars is strictly restricted to the dormitory buildings.
2. Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are designated daily from 10:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.
3. Alcohol & smoking: The University of Balamand is an alcohol free place. Alcoholic beverages and smoking in rooms is strictly prohibited. Candles and incense of any type are prohibited.
4. Submit the attached form to the Office of Student Affairs by mail: P.O.Box 100, Tripoli, Lebanon, Fax: (961)-6-930247 or e-mail:

- Submittal of application: mid-June for the fall semester; mid-December for the spring semester
- Payments: 25% of the dorm tuition fees (non-refundable) by mid-August for the fall semester and mid-January for the spring semester (old and new students).
- Check-in: during the pre-registration period of each semester.
- Check-out: 2 days after the final exams period of the semester
- Withdrawals: 50% of the dorm tuitions to be paid for withdrawals during the 1st week of the semester; full dorm tuition fees to be paid afterwards (old and new students).
 I agree